Pledge your birthday to street child


Do something special for somebody else this year!

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Did you know that around the world 19 million people celebrate their birthday every day!


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This year ask for donations, not gifts!

How it works…

What is a Birthday Pledge?

A birthday pledge is a unique way to celebrate your birthday by allowing your friends and family to make a life-changing donation to Street Child instead of buying you a gift. Pledging your birthday is free and once you have pledged, you can make a campaign page on facebook where your friends see your campaign. Share this page with as many people as you want to make your impact as big as possible!

How do I make a pledge?

When your birthday is near, we’ll remind you to start a facebook fundraising page and select Street Child (Relevant country) as your chosen charity. Ask your friends to donate to Street Child EU.

When should I post my campaign?

When a persons birthday is near, we will remind you to share your birthday campaign across social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp).

Remember! A good way to encourage your loved ones is to simply ask them if they are willing to donate a day's wages to your campaign.

When should I post my campaign?

To give yourself the best chance of achieving your target, we suggest actively campaigning a few months in advance of your birthday. Then in the weeks leading up to the date, a final push is likely to bring in a large portion of the funds

How much should I pledge?

You can pledge any amount you think you can raise with the support of your friends and family, or an amount you can donate yourself.

Use this guide to fundraising at Street Child:

  • 20€ - you send a child back to school

  • 35€ - a child can go to school for several years

  • 100€ - you provide a small business grant to a family to keep their children in school

  • 200€ - you pay a rural teacher’s salary for a year

  • 500€ - you give school materials to 120 children and teaching materials to 3 teachers

  • 2500€ - implementation of a community seed bank for a rural school to have an independent source of income

Is there a fundraising target?

We do not impose any fundraising target upon you, we simply suggest setting an achievable goal and sharing it. Publishing this goal on your fundraising campaign page allows you and your supporters see this target and provides motivation to reach it!