Together let's help vulnerable children
go to school and
receive an education.

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Help Nigerian children

20€ - you send a child back to school

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35€ - a child can go to school for several years

Donate Sierra Leone

100€ - you provide a small business grant to a family to keep their children in school

Street Child Switzerland

200€ - you pay a rural teacher’s salary for a year

Help Street Child

500€ - you give school materials to 120 children and teaching materials to 3 teachers

Donate Street Child

2500€ - implementation of a community seed bank for a rural school to have an independent source of income

Donate to our 1.000 schools project in Sierra Leone!

Meet Aminata


Thanks to our donors, Aminata's family is one of the thousands of families we have supported with a family business. This is an example of Street Child's sustainable solutions that give children the opportunity to go to school and finish their education.

Children suffer from poverty, low-quality education, recent disasters such as the Ebola crisis or the earthquake in Nepal but since 2008, together, we have supported more than 250,000 children.

Help us to make a difference for these children!