Don’t just take our word for it…

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“The time I have spent interning for Street Child not only allowed me to learn more about development projects, but also taught me to take responsibilities and work in a very dynamic environment. My experience at Street Child provided me with invaluable skills and I am happy to say I have met wonderful people there! Join Street Child and help further our mission!”

Silvia Rizzotto- Street Child Italy, intern.

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“I spent four months interning for Street Child in Barcelona. As soon as I arrived, the Spanish team immediately made me feel welcomed. During my time there I Had the opportunity to learn many different aspects of the work in the office and see first hand how a non-profit works. What I appreciated the most was the involvement and the passion demonstrated by every member of the team. I was asked for my opinion, taken in consideration in the decision making process and I had chance to challenge myself. Flavia Brillante- Street Child Italy, intern.

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"I made a four and a half months internship for Street Child in 2017, at it was an unforgettable experience. You are working in an environment where everyone is helping the others. I learned a lot about foundations, events, communication but also how a charity is working. It also taught me a lot about myself and my determination. I'm still involved with Street Child as board member for Street Child France but also working for the international volunteering programm


“I travelled to Spain this summer to join Street Child Europe as part of the European Volunteer Programme (EVP). By taking a sabbatical from my job with a London communications agency, I hoped to put my skills to good use for an international charity while soaking up the best of Barcelona before the UK leaves Europe. I would be working alongside interns and volunteers from across Europe and delivering communications for an NGO with a global mission. The scale of Street Child’s operations was brought home on day one, when mudslides tore through Free Town in Sierra Leone. Here in the country where Street Child launched its commitment to education for children almost a decade ago, the team was facing a natural disaster, requiring a rapid and urgent response. At Street Europe’s offices in Barcelona, we had to communicate the scale of the emergency across Spain, France, Germany, Netherlands and Italy. These five countries all host branches of Street Child and from the Spanish capital we fundraise, create awareness, recruit volunteers, stage local events and build partnerships. This strengthens Street Child’s global network, thanks to supporters who find fantastic new ways to spread the word and raise funds. The response to Street Child’s international emergency appeal was personally demanding. Contact with colleagues in the field was sporadic. Updates to European supporters required multiple translations. Evidence of the devastation had to be handled sensitively. The international press wanted to cover the immediate aftermath of the mudslides – we had to explain Street Child’s plans for the

immediate, medium and long term future of the country. Street Child’s emergency appeal attracted donations from across Europe. As a direct result those affected were delivered 80,000 emergency food and water packages and provided with over 5,000 clothing packages. The charity is now making sure children can get return to school and into education – the original purpose and mission of its work in Sierra Leone as well as Liberia, Nigeria and Nepal. I am incredibly proud to have volunteered with SC-EU. I have thoroughly enjoyed the rich experience of living in Barcelona. But I have also seen first hand how European supporters are getting behind Street Child, effecting change so children can build themselves a sustainable future. The team in Barcelona are singularly focused on finding new and effective ways to generate support. The comedy night with seven stand ups giving their gags for a serious cause; The 4-star hotel persuaded to host a volunteer event free of charge for dozens of new supporters; The training runs planned and completed by the team to encourage signs ups to international challenges. And it is this support given in so many unexpected and wonderful ways, which will be the lasting memory of my time here.”