You can help children like Joseph.

Joseph lost his parents to Ebola. Now he lives with his auntie Mabel who looks after seven children, four of whom are Ebola orphans. Street Child supported Mabel to set up a business. With the money she makes from her business  she can afford the costs of sending her children to school. 

"During Ebola I was isolated and stigmatised because of the quarantine. It was really hard. Today I’m feeling better thanks to Street Child’s social workers. My hope for the future is to finish my education and become a lawyer so that I can help my family out of poverty. Education has taught me to read. It will help me develop my family's lives too. I’m good at maths and English - they’re my best subjects."

With your help, we can help over a thousand children like Joseph.

Ebola orphans


The challenge is easy. Invite your friends, family or even your neighbours into your home and raise vital funds for some of the world's most vulnerable children. Whatever you choose for your 'Big Night In', we'll support you every step of the way.

Put On A Quiz

Get your friends together and test out your general knowledge in support of the world's most vulnerable children. From quiz questions to fundraising ideas we've got everything you need!

become a volunteer

Organise A Wine Tasting

Gather your friends together over a glass (or three?) of wine and together you can transform the lives of some of the world's most vulnerable children.  From pairing ideas to wine tasting tips, we'll support you to host a great night. 

Bake & sale

A favourite ... and always a success! Organizing a Baking sale is a great way to raise money for Street Child and it brings people together in your community. Ask all bakers at your work, at school or in your church to prepare something delicious, serve it to all those present and collect money from the sale.

Involve your school!

We work hard to improve the educational opportunities for the world's most vulnerable children. So who better to help us than teachers and students themselves? Write about Street Child in the school newspaper, organise a sponsored run, arrange a collection at a school event, hold an African school party or even send your teacher to West Africa to help train teachers!

get involved in a charity


Put a Street Child piggy bank at your local club, sports club or school. Contact Street Child and we will send you information and folders to help you with this.

Book a trip

Yes, you read that correctly! Book via Booking.com/supportstreetchild and Street Child receives 1% commission from Booking.com. What are you waiting for: book that hotel and help!

Communities & faith groups

If you are a member of a community or faith group, there are several ways to help Street Child. From a presentation about our projects to building a school together, we certainly make a difference!


Clean up & sell

Is your house full of things that you no longer use? Kill two birds with one stone and sell in way that means the proceeds go towards our projects. You can do it from home, online or at a flea market.

Host A Dinner

Invite your friends, family or even your neighbours for supper and raise vital funds to give more children the chance to go to school and learn. From recipe ideas and invites, we can help make this a truly special occasion


Run, walk, swim, dance, hula hoop....whatever it may be, do something active and ask people to sponsor you for your efforts! Even if you don't fancy being active, why not try and give up something you love for a week? Or do something crazy like wear your clothes inside out for a day?! The options are endless - see if your colleagues will sponsor you and help raise crucial funds!

Help Street Child

Do you have an idea?

Do you want to start a collection campaign for the charity? Perhaps you have an idea for a new fundraiser? Let us know - Street Child Switzerland would love your help! Let us know

Start a fundraising page

The fastest and most effective way to raise money is to create your own online fundraising page. 

Use your fundraising page as a blog so that your supporters and donors keep coming back to visit your page, stay involved ... and continue to donate. You can upload photos and notify people by e-mail if you've updated your page. Reply to every donation you receive, because you like to hear how much you appreciate their support!



Step 1: ask friends and family for a donation

Fundraising page

Step 2: ask you to donate a broader network, such as at work

raise money for a charity

Step 3: Share your fundraising page on social media

help a charity

Join the team in Barcelona!

Our team is still young and small, so any help is welcome. We are proud of our volunteer-based approach and we feel very fortunate to have many fantastic volunteers committed to our cause!


Are you looking for an internship where you work in a young, diverse and international team near the beach of Barcelona? Do you believe in helping others and do you want to take a first step in a career within charities or communication? And do you also want to improve your professional and personal skill sets through regular training and a strong amount of responsibility? Then join our team!

I have had a great experience with Street Child. I have worked on some really cool projects. A personal highlight was meeting with some of the UK team and the CEO Tom. Learning from them was really enlightening.
— Arthur, HR Coordinator (United Kingdom)

Volunteer in Switzerland

You do not necessarily have to travel to a distant country to volunteer. There are plenty of ways you can help the charity in Switzerland. For example, we are looking for volunteers who can help organize events, make contacts and create brand awareness in the country.

If you want to strengthen our team, please contact us.


Currently, we do not have any events scheduled. Keep an eye on the Facebook page. If you want to organise an event, contact us!