Why do we need to Fundraise?

Street Child is helping some of the most vulnerable children in the world to get access to education and therefore a sustainable future. There are many ways in which you can support our projects! For many of our events and activities like the International Volunteering Programme or our yearly Sierra Leone Marathon we ask all participants not only for their time, know-how and cover of travel expenses but also a fundraising commitment of 1200€. This seems like a very high, maybe unattainable, amount to many and we realized it keeps some potential supporters from taking their first step. In this article we try to explain why the start of a fundraising campaign is a requirement and how that process works.


Why do I need to start a fundraising campaign?

Besides covering all the costs for flights, vaccinations, visa etc. we ask all participants/volunteers to start a fundraiser with the goal of reaching a minimum of 1200€. Our reason in asking for this is actually quite simple: We always strive to work as efficiently as possible and guarantee the biggest margin for local projects (did you know that our office in Barcelona mainly consists of volunteers and interns?). The maintenance of an NGO with intensive, sustainable projects like Street Child does cost a lot of money though. Our projects are only possible because we collect donations. But many volunteers only realize that when they start seeing what happens behind the scenes. For years we have for example the salaries of local social workers, educational experts and commercial employees on our payroll. And don’t forget the costs of our Family Business Programme. Although we are very thankful for every volunteer’s time, help, commitment and trust in our organisation, we want to let you know that you have the biggest influence on the financial contribution we can make, and therefore on the communities in their respective countries. Look at it as an interaction. In exchange for your contribution you get the chance to work in a fascinating environment, make experiences in the international development sector and learn a lot about the locals and their culture as well as how it is to live in one of the poorest countries in the world.

Collect donations

1200€ is a lot of money. We get that.
We are also aware that it can be hard or uncomfortable to ask friends, family-members or acquaintances. Please don’t forget that you are not asking for yourself. You are starting an incredible adventure and have the chance to impact a whole community. The impact of your financial contribution is way bigger than the struggles you endure to collect it. Even better, often friends and family are very enthusiastic and eager to support and help you!

You are not alone!

We have a professional Fundraising-Team, that will help you with all the information and material necessary to reach your goal.
You will also receive the support of a fundraising mentor that will accompany and support you throughout the whole process.
So don’t be afraid if you don’t have any experience in fundraising. It is a valuable skill to learn, especially if you are looking for a future career in the non-profit sector!

Any more questions?

We hope that our fundraising concept is now a little clearer for you. We want to convince people who are interested in our programs that there is no need to be afraid of the fundraising commitment, but to see it as a personal chance to really change something in the world.
If you have questions regarding this article, please contact us:

  • in German/English to info@streetchild.de

  • in French/English to info@street-child.fr

  • in Italian/English to progetti.estero@street-child.it

We hope to welcome you soon to one of our projects!

Your Street Child Team


Florian Weimert