Through education, we help the world's most vulnerable children to build themselves a sustainable future. Our sister organisation Street Child UK started helping a small number of street children in Sierra Leone in 2008. Since then Street Child has helped more than 100,000 children to go back to school, and we have helped thousands of families generate sustainable income so that their children can continue to receive education. Street Child currently works in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nepal and Nigeria.

We believe that education is the best way to grow. Without a strong education base, no society can create a better life for their children or hope for a better future. Everything depends on education, and we think we can make the biggest difference in that area. Since the inception of Street Child UK in 2008, the organisation has expanded to a number of other European countries, like Switzerland, strengthening the network and creating global fundraising opportunities. 

Street Child has highly qualified teams in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nepal and Nigeria, with local staff at each location. Within each of these countries, Street Child UK has at least one staff member who advises and helps with the monitoring and evaluation of the various projects. 

Our strategy

All Street Child entities share the same objectives, centering around three key areas of interest: education, child protection and family income development.

We protect children with the help of social workers in the different countries where we work. They select the most disadvantaged children, help them find a safe home and take them to school while helping families to create sources of income. At the same time, we are building schools in remote areas and training teachers to make education accessible to as many people as possible. On top of this, we advocate for gender equality and education rights for the disabled. Ultimately, the goal is that every child can access education.

We want to make a long-term impact and hope that one day we will not be needed. We want families to generate a sustainable income to send their children to school. That's why we train families, teachers, and communities to generate income and become independent. 

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Our team

Rebecca John

Street Child

A former violinist, Rebecca graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2007 and has spent the past years working in investment management in the UK and Switzerland.  Rebecca has a long-standing interest in international development and in 2008/2009 worked in Bangladesh on a VSO/British Council placement. She is now a MA Candidate at The Johns Hopkins University for International Relations/Middle East Studies.

Her involvement with Street Child started in 2013 when she traveled to Liberia to run the Liberian Marathon and visit Street Child projects in Monrovia. She has since participated in three Sierra Leone Marathons, organised several fundraising events, and most recently volunteered to set up Street Child Switzerland.


Arielle Wat

Street Child

A holder of Master in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action from Sciences Po Paris, Arielle became acquainted with Street Child in early 2017, and began her engagement with the organisation's operations in Switzerland in 2018. Having previously studied in Zürich and currently living in Geneva, she mainly supports Street Child's work in fundraising, corporate foundation relations and partnership development in Switzerland.


Marc Pettersson


Marc joined the board of Street Child in 2016. Based in Lausanne, he has over 12 years’ experience in business development, and sales and marketing, having worked for several large corporates in Finland, Italy, and Switzerland. He currently serves as Chairman of the Board for Finnish coffee company Crema.

Marc hold an MBA from IMD business school and is fluent in Finnish, Swedish, English and Italian. He is passionate about supporting youth and education projects in Africa. In his spare time, Marc is an avid mountaineer and passionate about history.


Florian Weimert

Florian Weimert -Street Child Switzerland

Florian started to get involved with Street Child when he participated in the first Sierra Leone Marathon in 2012. Since then, he has run four other Street Child marathons both in Sierra Leone and in Nepal.  He volunteered for Street Child for several years, including a four-month volunteer project in Makeni, Sierra Leone. He has also made several other similar trips to Sierra Leone and Liberia for Street Child.

Florian has also been involved with the Surfrider Foundation and the nonprofit organisation Room to Read for many years. He has 12 years of experience in international marketing for Vistaprint and Baur Versand, and has worked in Germany and Spain as well as in the USA.